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Reliance Jio to Turn around the Indian Market Again; This Time with Low Priced Featured Phones

17-Sep-2020 | Semiconductor

However, after an affluent start, Jio’s pace of growth has been restrained in terms of customer acquisition, expecting the lack of affordable 4G handsets in the market. Thus, introducing this feature with 4G VoLTE in an affordable cost will probably enable the operator to onboard millions of 2G feature-phone users who wish to switch to smartphones but owing to affordability factor they dr ...

Taxi market will hold 15- 17% of the share in Indian passenger vehicle market in coming years

17-Sep-2020 | Automobile

The passenger car market growth also depends on the type of buyers. The numbers of the first time buyer of the car ranges between 40-45% of the total in the overall Indian car market. Replacement segment also plays a crucial role in the passenger car market in India.

Covid-19 vaccine update

30-Aug-2020 | Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

COVID-19 instances have crossed the 30 lakh mark withinside the USA. Trials for COVAXIN, ZyCOV-D and Oxford University's novel vaccine candidate, to be advertised as 'Covishield' are in exceptional stages of trials proper now, with robust hopes that the USA . May stand to peer a vaccine withinside the earliest viable timeframe.

Serum Institute's vaccine to be ready soo ...

Authorities linking deals with Coronavirus (COVID -19) vaccine companies globally

30-Aug-2020 | Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

The minister additionally brought that when the rigors are streamlined, the vaccines could require a further month for manufacturing earlier than it hits the market.Government government also are in talks with many international vaccine makers to get precedence get admission to to any vaccine produced first, which include reviews of a probable tie-up with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDI ...

Hundreds of people at Mini Oxford Car factory are to lose their jobs

30-Aug-2020 | Automobile

Pandemic has brought massive damage to the livelihoods of millions of people, all around the globe. Triggered by the same, hundreds of people at Mini Oxford Car factory are to lose their jobs. Car manufacturers BMW, in Cowley, Oxford, made a decision to trim down the number of workers working there. In obedience to the guidelines of WHO, the manufacturing factory complied with the lockdown and ...

Rising Alertness about the Health Benefits of Dairy Blends to Boost Its Demand

13-Jul-2020 | Food Service & Hospitality

Dairy blends are basically dairy mixtures derived from concentrated butter or cream and butter1. The dairy blend is made from processed butter fat that does not contain saturated fats or is prepared from butter blends that are combined with vegetable oils. An advantage of the dairy blend is that is can be easily spread as it consists of vegetab ...

Telecom Market Seems To Be In Negative Phase: Moody’s Forecast

13-Jul-2020 | IT & Telecommunications

Credit Rating Agency Moody's, while affirming a negative outlook on the telecom sector on Thursday, said that the increased competition between telecom service providers will keep pressure on their revenue and margins for the next 12 Months. It wrote in the 2018 India Corporate Outlook report stating that, the higher level of competition in the sector will continue to pressure the revenues ...

Rising Expenditure In R&D Activities To Uplift The Cell-Based Assays Market

13-Jul-2020 | Others

The cell-based assay is described as a method of study of living cell based on different parameters. These assays are utilized to determine practically of biochemical or cellular functions. In these assays, functional cells are utilized as diagnostic means in the study of new drugs. Pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academic research institutes, contract research organizations, ...

Tim Scott Is Heading The GOP’s Effort To Fix Racial Tension With Police

12-Jul-2020 | Others

After the death of George Floyd, a Republican from South Carolina, Senator Tim Scott, told that he presented thought to Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell. He had some proposals to introduce some healthy reforms in the police. He asked for permission to come by and talk about it. Many of the rank-and-file members remained unconcerned at that time. It was perceived that anything could ...

Resignation of Wirecard CEO Was Announced After $2 Billion Went Missing And Fraud Allegations Flew

11-Jul-2020 | Others

At one of Europe’s most hyped tech companies, more than $2 billion went missing. The digital payments firms will not be recovered if it will not be found rapidly. On Thursday, Wirecard (WCAGY) said that its auditors couldn’t account for €1.9 billion ($2.1 billion) in cash and thus the publication of 2019 financial results are postponed. A resignation by Markus Braun, the German ...