Market Business Insights - 10 November, 2022

As specified in our exclusive report, the global Low Temperature Co Fired Ceramics Market is projected to reach USD 7.56 billion by 2030.

The rising use of micro-electronics and non-microelectronics in the automotive and other industries is the key factor driving the low-temperature co-fired ceramics market growth. Other factors propelling the market such as increasing acceptance of 5G creating opportunities for low-temperature co-fired ceramics manufacturers and reliability of LTCC in high electrical voltage applications.

Low-temperature co-fired ceramic, is a multi-layer, glass ceramic substrate co-fired with low resistance metal conductors, such as Cu or Ag, at low firing temperatures should be less than 1000 °C. Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) has become an attractive technology for electronic components and substrates that are lightweight, compact, functional, and provide high speed for portable electronic devices.

The market is being presented with potentially attractive expansion opportunities due to the increasing demand for the miniaturization of electrical components. The increased emphasis on the miniaturization of electronic components has anticipated the need for low-temperature co-fired ceramics.

A major challenge for this market is issues related to shrinkage impacting the performance of low-temperature co-fired ceramics and the low thermal conductivity of LTCC.

Which Region Holds the Largest Share?

Asia-Pacific is all set to lead the global low-temperature co-fired ceramics market during the forecast period. The market is likely to witness rapid growth in the period being forecasted. This can be attributed to the rapid growth of the region in terms of its industrial infrastructure.

In May 2022, NEOTech invests in New Selective Wave Soldering Machines, rising manufacturing efficiency, and quality.

Players operating in the global low-temperature co-fired ceramics market are developing creative products to enhance the capabilities of their product offerings.

Some of the key players in the low-temperature co-fired ceramics market are:

Murata(JP), DuPont, Kyocera(JP), Yokowo(JP), Hitachi Metals(JP), TDK(JP), Taiyo Yuden(JP), KOA Corporation(JP), NIKKO(JP), IMST GmbH(DE), MST(DE), Via Electronic(DE), Soshin Electric(JP), Bosch(DE), Thales Microelectronics(FR), CTS(US), NEO Tech(US), NTK Technologies(US), API Technologies(BE), Selmic(FL), VTT(FL) and others.

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